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Autocraft Collision Center

Autocraft Collision Center has been servicing the Los Angeles area since 1998. Our secret? Taking pride in what we do. We, at Autocraft Collision Center take pride in our jobs, which is to put a smile on your face. Of course, that takes extensive work with zero tolerance on every detail of your vehicle but that’s okay because we take personal interest in what we do. Through the years we constantly update our technology and our training to ensure that your car gets the repair it needs to meet manufacture standards. All of Autocraft Collision Center’s certified technicians have a commitment to excellence,that means that no detail no matter how small is overlooked. Your safety is our priority and we ensure that when we are done repairing your vehicle it will be returned to the pristine condition it was in before the accident. Autocraft Collision Center specializes in all European & Japanese imported vehicles. From top notch brands to simple compact automobiles, from collision restoration to a customized new look, we can provide you with quality service that you will be satisfied with.

4276 Baldwin Ave., El Monte, CA 91731





I kinda wish they didn't really delay the repair of my car after the accident. I was supposed to pick my car up on Saturday but they delayed it. I needed my car pretty badly so I decided to pick up on Monday ASAP, and they said they would have it ready by noon. So i was really hoping for half day work to make some money. But guess what? They delay it till like 4.30 for actually for me to pick it up. Okay , i don't mind so far. One day of work , not biggie. And then as I was driving , I discovered one of the most important things , my car horn was not working and also the security system was not working as well. So i have to go back all the way again. These are the problems I noticed so far. I hope there are no other things I might pick up after writing this reviews. They were kind enough to say check all my car again though. I hope this doesn't take long again! EDIT: They actually took responsiblity and fixed my car. and then deliver it to my work so that i don't have to miss work. Also they gave me a rental

A highly recommended auto body shop. I found this place on Google and went there to repair my car. I was pleasantly surprised with the good service, speed and very reasonable prices. I'm extremely grateful for their attention and work.
Julies Howard
I had my bumper fixed and repainted at this auto body shop after I was rear-ended. They made the process very easy - getting a quote the same day, working with the insurance company, and finishing the work quickly. A truly great auto body shop. I would definitely bring my car back here.
Robert Peper

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